Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pan Pacific and Asparagus

When we packed for this trip, we decided to ship out a bunch of boxes to lighten our load on travel worked beautifully, except that our box of all the girls' toys arrived THREE DAYS after we did. We bought a set of foam blocks to try to hold us over, and Lainey's favorite new game became stuff-the-Sarah....(poor Sarah just ignored it and kept playing!)
Thankfully, their toys (and clothes, and my immersion blender that I can't live without!) arrived Monday, and being in the house is no longer torture for us all.

Still, we've spent some time venturing out; the girls and I walked to the Pan Pacific Park yesterday. It took us about 35 minutes to get there, and Lainey rode her new scooter the whole way, just like a big kid. We stopped for a strawberry-banana smoothie on the way...mmm.

On the way home, I bought this asparagus at the farmer's market; I don't think it's actually local, I don't know if it was organic or not, and I'm actually not even that into just looked so delicate and beautiful, I had to try some.
I ended up drizzling it with olive oil, sprinkling with sea salt and fresh ground pepper, and roasting it for about 25 minutes at 400° was incredible. It got voted by the adults (sadly, not a hit with the kiddos) as make-again-good.
More food adventures to come...stay tuned! :)

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  1. I have a major obsession with asparagus! It is so amazing no matter what you do with it. My favorite way is similar to this, asparagus grilled in tin foil with some lemon juice. Of course we won't be grilling in the middle of winter, but you are in Cali. live, love, laugh, bake,
    Marley and Tea