Monday, April 4, 2011

Snack Time

We have been in a major food rut. I swear I just stare, cluelessly, at my meal planning sheet each week. It's as if all my delicious recipes are filed away in a part of my brain that I simply cannot access right now. My complete lack of new posts reflects the complete lack of anything new or inspiring coming out of my kitchen.

Snacks have been pathetic, too. Fruit and veggies with hummus are pretty much what we've been sticking to, and we're all tired of it. Nobody wants to eat it anymore, and when my kids don't eat, it's not pretty (remember hungrumpy?) Hunting the internet this weekend for someone else's ideas, I came across this post from What Life Dishes Out. YES! THANK YOU! This was a snack technique that I used to use when Lainey was a toddler. She really didn't like take time out to sit and have a snack, so I used to put out an ice cube tray with little bits of a variety of snacks that she could nibble on all morning. As she got older and we phased that out, I completely forgot how genius it is!

The idea to make it a "super secret surprise" snack sampler is equally genius. Lainey was ALL OVER this. She must have said "Thanks, Mom!!" about six times. She loved it, and I was able to give her a good mix of healthy snacks. Score!
This time, her Super Secret Snack included raisins and sunflower seeds, a few mini cheese sticks (cut from my giant block), banana slices, four Soy Crisps, carrots and rice crackers, and a spoonful of hummus.