Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, New Kitchen

My resolution this year has been to get my butt in gear in organize my life. Yes, a pretty hefty goal...I've been cleaning, de-cluttering (as in, several trunkfuls of stuff off to goodwill), meal-planning, making lists...all this organization has actually resulted in having free time--a rare and beautiful thing.

It's hard to meal-plan when you don't know for sure what's in your kitchen, so now that the house is actually clean (see how I've done it in my post here, about my awesome new chore system!), I'm starting to do major projects like cleaning in cupboards and closets.

This was my project on Sunday night:
My cupboard, before...
I buy alot of items in bulk, and have an assortment of unlabeled bags piled all over. A trip to the store for some new glass jars and a couple hours of work later (I got through two cupboards)...
I can actually see all my food, I labeled all the mystery powders, and it just looks lovely!!

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