Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello from the West Coast!

I'm typing this on my computer in front of a huge open bay window, with 75° air blowing by. Oh, yah. We're in LA...for a month!!! I am thrilled to have traded this...

for this...!

In order to try to keep in touch a bit, my blog for the next month, though still often food-focused (how could I not focus on food?!), will also be my tool for sharing LA with my friends and family while we're away (I know that most of my readers are you guys, not strangers.. :) ).

Sadly, we woke up our first day here and all four of us had the nasty stomach bug that's going around. It was rough. The #1 thing I was looking forward to about getting here was the FOOD! Lainey put it very well when she whined, "But I don't want to be sick in Californina!" Believe me kid, I know.

We pulled through, though, and ventured out yesterday afternoon to start exploring the city a bit. Mike and I enjoyed a delicious dinner from Vegan Glory, an amazing Thai Vegan restaurant, one block from our house (woohoo!! can you imagine such a place even existing in the Capital Region?!).

I am absolutely loving having so much great food so nearby, and we're only on our first full day of being able to eat! Today we walked to a restaurant for breakfast (as in, about 10 minutes), and we're a 20 minute walk from a huge outdoor daily farmer's market/restaurant area.

So far, I'm totally embracing being a California girl; if only we could transport everyone we love to be here with us, I would consider moving here. :)


  1. This makes me both happy and sad to read..

  2. Oh man Leslie, it sounds wonderful! Enjoy it for the rest of us stuck back upstate!!

  3. Yay! Well, not for the stomach bug! Hope y'all are better now so onward with the eating!

  4. Sounds awesome! Enjoy and take lots of photos!