Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CSA, Cabbage, Chris, and Kimchee

Last week started our third summer of beautiful, fresh veggies from Denison Farm CSA (community supported agriculture). For those of you unfamiliar with how a CSA works, members buy a "share"of the farm's bounty, and get a box full of local, fresh produce every week. It's delightful. :)

It's also a little overwhelming. Inevitably, every summer, I find myself falling behind and some of my amazing produce ends up in the compost pile. And it's usually the vegetables I think I don't like (this is often a based on a taste test I had at the age of 12). Not this summer. I'm trying new recipes, sharing with friends, and taking advantage of our new chest freezer in the basement.

Our first box included a MASSIVE head of Chinese cabbage. Since I usually give away my cabbage, I had no idea what to do with it. Thanks to my friend, Chris, for this cooking leap...see the recipe she shared here . I made kimchee, which not only have I never made before, but I've never even eaten before. How's that for trying new things? :) It's still fermenting here on my counter, so I can't report how it came out, but it sure looks pretty.

Here's my cabbage/carrot mixture (I tried carrots instead of radishes as requested by Chris!) in the 12-hour soak (which became the 23-hour soak...ah, well).

And here's my final mixture, fermenting, with my sweet Sarah looking on.
Since fermentation takes at least 3 days, stay tuned for my taste-test results...!

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