Monday, August 23, 2010

Easy Popsicles

Last week, I wrote a product review of these popsicle molds (thanks, Jeanine!!) by Tovolo:
(see it on the other blog I write for, From Scratch)

I am definitely a big fan. The molds themselves are great, and the process of popsicle making is so toddler friendly: it's very easy, there's no hot stove involved, and the end result is a super kid-friendly treat.
We have made three batches now from our one bottle of juice. The first round was half creamsicles and half popsicles, but the straight up juice is a much bigger hit, so we've been sticking with those. There's no recipe, just pour the juice into the molds and freeze. Lainey has helped by using her kid sized ladle to fill them, but here's a few more complicated (if you could even call it that!) recipes that I think we'll try in the coming weeks.
The very best thing about these popsicles is a completely unexpected surprise...these are pretty good-sized popsicles, so it takes a good 30 minutes for Lainey to eat an entire popsicle (which she always does...she's devouring these things the the very last lick!). This means a full half hour of time for get a meal ready/clean up (or maybe blog... :) ).

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  1. First off, love the pictures! COuld she be any cuter?? Second, I can't wait to try the sweet potatoe pops they sound crazy good!!