Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Modified Mexican Night

I try to have a Mexican dinner night each week, for two reasons. 1) hubby loves mexican food (see how nice I am? :) ), and 2) it's almost always quick and easy to fix. Tonight's dinner came to me because I decided to try to branch out from the beans/rice/onions/salsa routine.

This recipe was a little bit of a treat for us. That's because tonight we had BACON. I'm pretty happy with all our veggie-based meals. I rarely miss meat. But bacon...ahh, bacon. That's another story. It's so salty and delicious...and the smell. Mmm. My kitchen still smells like the diner on a Saturday morning. I love it.

I bought a pound of bacon at the farmer's market a couple months ago (from a local farm, organic and nitrate-free, from pastured pigs...). When I cook with meat, I try to make sure that it is a side or an ingredient in our entree, not the actual entree. So this pound of bacon has lasted us a long time. I keep it wrapped up in the freezer, and when I want to use some in a dish, I just use my sharpest knife to cut off a small section. Then I give it a quick chop while it's still frozen, and fry it up. Fast and (mostly) easy. Gotta use a little muscle, that's all. :)

Onto the recipe. I made two different quesadillas tonight using the following ingredients:

4 eggs, scrambled (I cooked the eggs with 1 clove of minced garlic)
a few handfuls of chopped baby spinach
1-ish c. grated cheddar cheese
whole wheat flour tortillas
1/2c.-3/4 c. cooked bacon, chopped
1 can baked beans
a few spoonfuls of pasta sauce

Quesadilla #1:
Spray your skillet with oil and place one tortilla in the pan. Top with half of the scrambled eggs, a sprinkling of spinach, a handful of cheddar cheese, half the bacon crumbles, and a couple spoonfuls of baked beans (trust me!). Sprinkle just a little more cheese on top, and cover with the 2nd tortilla. (the photo is pre-covered...wish I had a better camera or better food photography skills, because it looked waaay better than it does in this pic :( )
When the bottom tortilla is browned slightly, flip carefully. Brown side 2, remove from heat and devour.

Quesadilla #2:
Same cooking directions, but fill with scrambled eggs, spinach, cheese, bacon, and a couple spoonfuls of pasta sauce (again, trust me.)

These were unique and so good. The one with baked beans was exciting, I wasn't sure how the baked beans would work out, but it was a perfect flavor combination. It would have been perfect with a sauce, but I couldn't figure out what. Not salsa, not pasta sauce...I picture something like a slightly creamy tomato sauce, but I'm not sure...Anyone have any ideas???

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