Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's for Dinner Wednesday, FIFTY SOUTH!

EDITED TO ADD... : Duh, my sleep deprived brain didn't even give any details so that YOU can go to our favorite place. :) Fifty South is located on Rt. 50 in Ballston's their website:
The Wednesday afternoon, outdoor farmer's market started up this month in Saratoga. I love taking the girls over and getting some serious shopping done (it's so much more manageable than the super-crowded Saturday market), but it leaves me with little time to cook dinner. So tonight after the market, we headed to our favorite restaurant, Fifty South, for an early dinner. There are very, very few restaurants that we have found locally where we can eat the way we like to. I have been meaning to blog about Fifty South for a while now. This is our usual breakfast spot (local, humanely raised eggs!!), and nothing beats their omelettes. As if the food isn't great enough, the owner, Kim, and the manager, Brenda, are thoughtful and beyond friendly, and have really worked to create and foster community in their restaurant.

Tonight's dinner was perfect. I had a veggie burger (called the Lainey Burger there, after my sweet girl!) that is the best one I've had ever. Mmm... Mike had a tempeh reuben sandwich with sweet potato fries, and Alaina had buckwheat blueberry pancakes. All so delicious. If you live locally, you should visit them. You may even run into us! :)


  1. where is 50 South?

  2. Okay, duh. Can you tell I'm sleep deprived? I will edit the original post to include location info. Anyway, the restaurant is in Ballston Spa, on Rt. 50. Here's their link: